Tamriel Foundry Reaches 10,000 Members!

I’m really excited to be writing this post because it marks a fantastic milestone for Tamriel Foundry. Today our community reached 10,000 registered users! I am extremely proud of this milestone. I can’t believe how the site has grown, and how we have been able to gather so many intelligent and interesting Elder Scrolls Online fans in the same place. We owe a big thanks to the amazing community that has helped us make it this far. I think this occasion merits a giveaway if anything does, so read on for all the details!

To celebrate this milestone occasion we are giving away an Elder Scrolls Online t-shirt (large), featuring the game’s iconic ouroboros on the front, and the game title on the back. What makes this particular shirt even cooler is that it is signed by some of the most prominent members of the ZeniMax Online development team, including: Matt Firor, Paul Sage, Brian Wheeler, Nick Konkle, Maria Aliprando, Rich Lambert, and more!

The front of the shirt, with signatures!

The front of the shirt, with signatures!

I must be either stupid or crazy to give this away, but I think the TF community deserves it. So what do you need to do for a chance to win this awesome prize? Post a comment on the contest article on the front page of Tamriel Foundry, answering the following question:


Tamriel Foundry was created to serve as a resource for competitive gamers interested in mastering game mechanics, improving character builds, and enhancing their gameplay experience with useful guides, tools, and discussion. Out of all the information which has been released about The Elder Scrolls Online, explain what confirmed gameplay mechanic you are most excited about seeing in ESO, and why?


ESO Shirt Back

Back of the shirt, Elder Scrolls Online branding

As for me, personally, one of the things I’m most excited about is the fact that ESO is discarding the “pvp stat” that we have gotten to know from dozens of other MMOs. In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can advance your characters gear through PvP, PvE, and crafting. Any piece of equipment which improves your character will be useful regardless of what type of gameplay you are involved in. One thing I’ve hated in past MMOs was having to decide whether I was going to focus on pvp or pve content, then feeling like I was being penalized for choosing by missing out on gear that was required for the other gameplay path.

I want to hear from you though, so please leave your responses attached to the article on Tamriel Foundry, and don’t forget to consult our Development FAQ for a refresher on what we know about ESO so far! We will accept entries for the rest of July, and draw a winner after July 31. 


Full Contest Rules

  • Only registered Tamriel Foundry members are eligible to win.
  • Only one entry per person will be considered, as a reminder, posting using alternate accounts is a violation of our Code of Conduct.
  • Entries are only accepted through the comments section on this article. To be eligible, comments must provide an answer to the above question.
  • The question is designed to solicit thoughtful discussion and opinions regarding confirmed gameplay mechanics in ESO, as such the Tamriel Foundry moderation staff reserves the right to disqualify comments based on sarcasm, excessive brevity, or failure to identify an actual game mechanic or design principle in ESO.
  • The prize is one (1) large Elder Scrolls Online t-shirt acquired from PAX East. The shirt is signed by Matt Firor, Paul Sage, Brian Wheeler, Nick Konkle, Maria Aliprando, Rich Lambert, Todd Keister, and Chris Strasz.
  • The prize includes shipping (international if necessary) to an address of the winner’s choice.
  • Valid entries received before midnight (12am EST) on July 31, 2013 will be automatically considered.
  • The winner will be drawn by random number generator from the pool of eligible entrants. The selected winner will be contacted via email and by private message on Tamriel Foundry. If the selected winner fails to respond in three (3) days, a new winner will be drawn.