Weekly Screenshot – Daedric Titan

It’s time to forge bravely ahead with the weekly screenshot dissection series. Each week I traverse through the expanse of ESO video footage to snag the most interesting single screen capture I can find, breaking it down to provoke community discussion! This week grabs a still image from E3 of a fearsome Daedric Titan descending through a Dark Anchor to invade Tamriel from Coldharbour.

A Daedric Titan

In this scene, a dark anchor has descended from a portal above to attach itself to the fabric of Nirn. This anchor allows the Daedric minions of Molag Bal to invade Tamriel, creating dynamic and public events which ESO players must band together to defeat. Each dark anchor event involves a gauntlet of progressively more fearsome Daedra, in this case, culminating in the arrival of a Titan! The Daedric Titan is a formidable beast, seeming draconic in appearance, but corrupted by undeath. Perhaps next time an interviewer asks Paul Sage whether there are dragons in ESO, he should conjure up one of these to satisfy their dragon-lust.

All the Coldharbour sequences which we have seen so far are evidenced by icy blues and grays which characterize the aesthetic of Molag Bal’s plane of Oblivion. I like that the immediate area surrounding the Dark Anchor is permeated with these cold hues, despite the natural environment of the surroundings. This anchor has attached itself in what is typically a desert area; the palms and architecture suggest perhaps the Alik’r Desert or Elseweyr. However, the presence of the anchor overwhelms the natural climate of the region, making it clear that Molag Bal’s influence on this part of Tamriel is gaining strength.

How difficult a challenge would you like to see the Daedric Titan pose to players? Do you think a lone (but well prepared) hero should be able to defeat one, or would you rather see such events reserved for small (or even large) groups? What other types of Daedra would make good “end bosses” of Dark Anchor sequences? The Dark Anchors seem fairly similar in concept to RIFT’s namesake mechanic. RIFT features a large variety in event mechanics that are required to repel and seal a rift, would you like to see a lot of different anchor types, or is a traditional gauntlet style assault all that’s really needed? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!