Tamriel Foundry Crier – Come Ye All, Travelers!

Tamriel Foundry Crier

A weekly roundup of ESO news, discussions and happenings


Now Hear This!


Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site

The ‘Transport Yourself to Coldharbour’ campaign, recently promoted by the White Gold Tower, caused quite a stir. Many known Daedra worshippers assembled in TF Square and demanded the right to openly worship. Constables quickly dispersed the gathering.

Cold Harbor


Happenings At Tamriel Foundry

Archduke Atropos has sanctioned the creation of the TF Wayfarer’s Union. This organization’s purpose is to promote travel and exploration throughout Tramriel. Archduke Atropos commissioned the creation of a special scrying mirror to provide citizens a glimpse of the many wondrous locations across Tamriel that both new and veteran wayfarers might want to visit!

Several Khajiit entrepreneurs hastily erected stalls outside the Wayfarer’s headquarters for the purpose of promoting the sale of Wayshrine Insurance, Porter Services and Travel Security. Constable Tonsha would like to remind all TF citizens that until these new vendors get the appropriate permits, caution should be taken in procuring their services.

Tamriel Foundry’s own Valroth and Isarii have teamed up to produce an informative scrying mirror that explains the intricacies of the character development process in ESO. The citizenry is encouraged to consult this resource to build a hero…similar to build-a-bear, except without the cuddling.


 Happenings from the ESO Community

Dragon Mask

Thespian Fair – Next week, TF will be hosting a Thespian Fair! Actors, Roleplayers, Costume Designers, Brewers and vendors of other sorts will set up shop in TF Square. All are welcome to attend. To add to the festive nature of the event, masks will be a requirement for participation! Khajjit and Argonians do not have to don masks, but are encouraged to wear traditional facial and head adornments. Orsimer are required to wear masks while in the square, during the event. Pin-the-Tail on the Khajiit/Argonian and other such games are outlawed…this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online Forum’s Stage

Tamriel Foundry’s Stage

The Elder Scrolls Online Roleplaying Community’s Stage


That is All!

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    This was HANDS DOWN the best video I’ve seen that explains several aspects of ESO. Very nicely done, to all involved.

    – The Oprah Has Spoken

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    Aragoth Patron Of Shadow


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    Will I be a able to make a Archer/Healer? I want to be supportive and stealthy. What class should I start with is I want to go this way?

    ~My Arrow Flies Deep into the heart of those against The Empire~

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    Orc Templar

    Great round-up, @Grimalkin :) Some great links there that surely deserved highlighting. Looking forward to next week already! \o/

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    Argonian Templar

    Leo Bellatórum

    best overlook ive seen yet on the in game mechanics such at weapons,armor,abilities etc. GREAT WORK!

    Amusara of Wayrest

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    Argonian Dragonknight

    So if you were a warrior, but the majority of your armor was heavy/medium, your good on health?

    Fair enough, sounds pretty good. Kinda diverse from typical MMORPGS.

    I truly know what it feels to have a rage boiling inside you, to have fear overwhelm you, and to have a blade inside of you.

    It is my faith and vengeance that keeps me from falling into darkness.

    -Litch Neguah 

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    Aragoth-Patron-Of-Shadow said on June 30, 2013 :

    Will I be a able to make a Archer/Healer? I want to be supportive and stealthy. What class should I start with is I want to go this way?

    The cool thing is, you could theoretically make an Archer/Healer with any class. Choose a bow as your first weapon with archery abilities slotted on your bar and have a restoration staff as your secondary with healing abilities slotted on that bar. You could then add whatever class flavor you like to it.

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    Bosmer Templar

    Aragoth-Patron-Of-Shadow said on June 30, 2013 :

    Will I be a able to make a Archer/Healer? I want to be supportive and stealthy. What class should I start with is I want to go this way?

    If you want to focus more on the stealth, I’d say go Nightblade with a bow and Resto staff. If you want to focus more on the healing, it sounds like Templar is your best bet. You could choose to specialize in one type of armor – Light Armor will help Stamina regeneration, Cloth Armor will restore Magicka – but depending on what kind of class abilities there will be and how much resource they consume, you might want to have a mix of both.

    As Valroth said, you could also choose the Dragonknight or Sorcerer, but I’m not sure if either of those classes will have abilities that are actual stealth/healing-related.

    Another great collection of news and happenings, but I must admit, I have no idea what the paragraph about Khajiit vendors is referencing. I guess I need to spend more time around here :P.

    EDIT: I think I got the armor types wrong – Medium Armor is a thing in ESO, and that helps Stamina regen, while Light Armor is more like cloth in the single-player games, and it helps Magicka regen.

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    Nord Dragonknight

    Great article! Thank you!


    Our greatest strength is the adversity we have overcome.


    Our resolve is glacial, our might is forged in fire, and our courage, cultivated by the beasts of the jungle.


    We are Ebonheart.

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    Redguard Nightblade

    I am hoping the next big info influx, we get, is more detailed info on the skill trees we know, and some new info on the skill trees we do not know about.

    I am of the thinking that if we rush our builds in any way even with a respect, we may find ourselves gimped.

    I have a very distinct build idea in mind that will require much reading and planning, as ALL builds seem to have viability in this game.

    Thanks for the article.

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    Nord Dragonknight

    The Incursion

    Im getting fed candy and i cant get enough of it!

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    Nord Dragonknight

    for this im guessing you should start out as nightblade for the stealth but evolve yourself more towards healer what is great about eso is that your starting class isnt too important just a way to start and that it is very flexibe in what you wish to be later on

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    Dunmer Sorcerer

    Very nice thank you :)

    Respect creates friendships, Loyalty binds them. Hlaevi Family motto. 

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    Bosmer Templar

    Yep thank you for making this video guy much appreciated :-)

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    So 7 armor slots.  I assume there will be separate slots for accessories as well.  At least I hope.

    Death is a guarantee;  Life is not.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Revan said on July 1, 2013 :

    So 7 armor slots. I assume there will be separate slots for accessories as well. At least I hope.

    I’ve heard there are rings and a neck slot as well.

    – The Oprah Has Spoken

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Aragoth-Patron-Of-Shadow said on June 30, 2013 :

    Will I be a able to make a Archer/Healer? I want to be supportive and stealthy. What class should I start with is I want to go this way?

    It depends on if you want more focus on the Archer or the Healer. If you want to have really strong offense, I would say go Nightblade with a bow and resto staff. If you want more focus on healing but with some good offense, go Templar with a bow and a mix of medium/light armor. Your secondary weapon could really be whatever you wanted for max damage or defense (ie. 2H or 1H/Shield)

    – The Oprah Has Spoken

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    Nord Dragonknight

    Blood Of The North



    If You Want Something Remembered Carve It In…

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    Khajiit Sorcerer

    Aragoth-Patron-Of-Shadow said on June 30, 2013 :

    Will I be a able to make a Archer/Healer? I want to be supportive and stealthy. What class should I start with is I want to go this way?


    Just theory-crafting here but if I was going to make a “Stealthy” Archer/Healer I would have to ask myself a few questions first, but here is what I would be looking at:

    If I remember correctly I think one of the video’s mentioned that only a “Templar” can use healing magic without using the “Restoration Staff”.  So if you want your Bow as one of your weapons and something other than a “Restoration Staff” for your other weapon then you would have to choose the “Templar” as your main class.

    If you don’t mind using a Bow and Restoration Staff as your two weapon swaps then you need to decide what do you want for your primary class type to be; Nightblade for more stealth, bow and rogue type skills, or, since you want to go support then perhaps the Sorcerer would work well for what you have in mind.

    Keep in mind that the Templar is a Fighter / Healer so the skill lines may be more “up close and personal combat” than if you chose the Sorcerer route which may give you abilities more range combat suited.

    If you go something utilizing bows and stealth with healing abilities, I would most likely go with a mix of medium and light armor.  The amount of each would depend on how long you want to remain in stealth and how large a magicka pool you wish to have at your disposal.  We’ll only know how much of each would be needed once we actually get in game.

    Ability points I would most likely put them in Stamina (for stealth) and Magicka (larger magicka pool).  I would most likely put some points in Health but the lions share would be in Stamina and Magicka.

    Race… dunno, but personally in Skyrim I prefer the Khajiit since they have the “Night Eye” racial and I find that very useful for seeing in dark places.  But your choice may vary depending on what you think  would be of more useful.

    Just keep in mind.  In ESO any build is really possible since any character can use any armor type and any weapon type.  The only advantages that I see at this point is your initial starting class may offer you an edge in the direction you would prefer to go down.

    Respecs are in the game so if you screw up your point allocations you can redo them so nothing to worry about there.

    Pick a Race based on the Racial you like best or just pick a Race based off your favorite Race and go with it.

    Pick a primary class based off what you perceive you wish to be more “like” and use that as a springboard to how you mold and shape your character.

    Take your time and enjoy the game, don’t try to get to max level in record time, look at the world of ESO and soak it up and appreciate what they have created and given to us to explore.

    I know what I wrote is not much to go on but right now we don’t know that much, so take this for what it’s worth until we have more hard information to go with.

    Hope this helps you out in some small way.


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    Umaril the Unfeathered


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    Altmer Sorcerer

    I’d say that the Sorcerer’s ability to Teleport pretty much sold me on that Class.

    *Formerly known by the username ”GarlasMalatar”*

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    Boromir WolfsBane


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    Nord Templar


    Very informational nicely done :)



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