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Tamriel Foundry Crier

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Now Hear This!


Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site

The ‘Transport Yourself to Coldharbour’ campaign, recently promoted by the White Gold Tower, caused quite a stir. Many known Daedra worshippers assembled in TF Square and demanded the right to openly worship. Constables quickly dispersed the gathering.

Cold Harbor


Happenings At Tamriel Foundry

Archduke Atropos has sanctioned the creation of the TF Wayfarer’s Union. This organization’s purpose is to promote travel and exploration throughout Tramriel. Archduke Atropos commissioned the creation of a special scrying mirror to provide citizens a glimpse of the many wondrous locations across Tamriel that both new and veteran wayfarers might want to visit!

Several Khajiit entrepreneurs hastily erected stalls outside the Wayfarer’s headquarters for the purpose of promoting the sale of Wayshrine Insurance, Porter Services and Travel Security. Constable Tonsha would like to remind all TF citizens that until these new vendors get the appropriate permits, caution should be taken in procuring their services.

Tamriel Foundry’s own Valroth and Isarii have teamed up to produce an informative scrying mirror that explains the intricacies of the character development process in ESO. The citizenry is encouraged to consult this resource to build a hero…similar to build-a-bear, except without the cuddling.


 Happenings from the ESO Community

Dragon Mask

Thespian Fair – Next week, TF will be hosting a Thespian Fair! Actors, Roleplayers, Costume Designers, Brewers and vendors of other sorts will set up shop in TF Square. All are welcome to attend. To add to the festive nature of the event, masks will be a requirement for participation! Khajjit and Argonians do not have to don masks, but are encouraged to wear traditional facial and head adornments. Orsimer are required to wear masks while in the square, during the event. Pin-the-Tail on the Khajiit/Argonian and other such games are outlawed…this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online Forum’s Stage

Tamriel Foundry’s Stage

The Elder Scrolls Online Roleplaying Community’s Stage


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