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Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site

Elder Scrolls Online has garnered several E3, pre-launch accolades…What, if any, influence will the promotion of these pre-launch accolades have on the TF citizenry?


Happenings At Tamriel Foundry
Flying Skeever

Guilds? I likes em’ raw!

Archduke Atropos has decreed that the Guilds of Tamriel Foundry may now freely declare their platform preference! Also, the Archduke has levied a ‘comment’ tax for those guilds wishing to hang a shingle inside the protective walls of Tamriel Foundry! Many guilds have been expelled for in-activity. Their guild adverts have been struck from the Guild Registry and their belongings have been moved outside the walls of TF! Constable Isarii reports that Skeever activity, inside the TF walls, has dropped since the cull. Likely because the Skeevers are now fattening themselves on the remnants of the expelled guilds outside.

Guard Captain Sparhawk discussed the announcement of ESO being available for Xbox One and PS4 in the recent episode of The ESO Shot.  Related to the news, put forth by the good Captain, TF Scholars dug into the archives and found an old scroll containing information on the box sales for Skyrim across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. The numbers contained in the old scroll may point to ONE of the reasons why the Mages at Zenimax will be releasing ESO on XBox One and PS4.

Renowned Argonian artist, Shanku and TF Citizen, Tarantadu have both set up temporary galleries to display their creations. A constable will be on hand to ensure that urchins, miscreants and hooligans do not pilfer the art.


Shanku’s Gallery


Tarantadu’s Gallery

Happenings from the ESO Community


Archduke Atropos joined leaders and personalities from community sites, podcasts and YT channels for the second meeting of the ESO All Stars. Again, there were no women represented on the panel. The presence of Cox may be to blame. For those TF citizens who were not able to attend the live panel, you can travel to The Quest Gaming Network’s amphitheater to take in the re-enactment of the discussion! Fried Skeever tails and Berry wine will be available for purchase!

The scholar Terminus Zaire is presenting a short scroll on the history and culture of the Redguard. Though his presentation is open to the public be warned that other self-proclaimed lore scholars may attempt to refute the work of scholar Zaire. Hopefully a constable will be on hand to keep order.

The Sage, Force, has established a new ESO Scrying Mirror where TF Citizens can take in his wisdom concerning ESO! Viewing can be done at the Hall of Mirrors. (That’s Youtube for you non-RPers)


Constables Isarii, Tonsha and Rial would like me to remind TF citizens to dispose of all rubbish in the sewers, not the streets!

That Is All!