Platform Support Added to Guild Registry

Hey there Foundry-goers, pardon this interruption from ESO discussion for a brief site announcement. We’ve been impressed with the feedback and interest level from the Elder Scrolls Online fan community that is eager to experience the game within the console (Xbox One / PlayStation 4) gaming community. We want Tamriel Foundry to serve as a resource for Elder Scrolls Online enthusiasts regardless of their preference in gaming hardware, so we are excited to expand our already rich guild functionality to include platform preference. Furthermore, we want to re-emphasize the importance of guild representation on Tamriel Foundry not acting exclusively as a venue for advertisement and recruitment, but primarily as a way for players to connect with, represent, and be represented by their guilds. The following changes have been made to the guilds system:

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  • Guild administrators may now select a preferred “Platform” in the Admin panel for their guild, classifying themselves as specifically targeting PC+Mac, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 members.
  • Platform choice will now be reflected in the Guilds directory, as well as on each guild’s profile.
  • The guild submission process will now require the submitting user to have contributed at least 25 constructive posts to Tamriel Foundry.

A brief explanation concerning the third note. Since we do not intend to serve primarily as a platform for guild advertisement, it is important that guilds represented on Tamriel Foundry actually be ones that are active within the site community. We are thrilled to have so many guilds featured on TF, and are eager to see the site and it’s community continue to grow, but it’s important that we limit the amount of work required to manage this listing. I think the net result of this policy change will be that a greater proportion of guilds listed on Tamriel Foundry will have an active presence within the site community, which will be a good thing!

A final important note for guildmasters. In an effort to keep our guild registry tidier and more relevant for the TF community, we will be removing old and inactive guilds. If your guild has had no activity for over six months, it will likely be removed. The easiest way to stop this from happening is to post a guild status update to your guild’s activity feed.