E3 Day 3: The Final Countdown

Giant SnakesHey folks, back again for day 3 of E3 coverage of Elder Scrolls Online. There are two scheduled live streams for this morning (both times PST).

  • TwitchTV – 11:30am
  • IGN – 11:40am

To be honest, I expect more of the same, with Paul Sage giving the broad details of ESO for console fans who are seeing  their first exposure to the title. There will probably be more questions about dragons. I’m holding out hope for a few interesting tidbits. We learned yesterday that there will be a “marriage-like” ceremony in-game, that allows two friends to form a magical bond between their characters, amplifying their experience gain when they adventure together. While it’s nothing groundbreaking, hopefully there will be one of two gameplay revelations that filter through, so stay tuned!

TwitchTV – Live Stream

IGN – Live Stream