Weekly Screenshot – Wamasu Madness

It’s time for entry #4 in our weekly screenshot dissection series. Every week I delve through the depths of available ESO video footage to pick the most interesting single screen capture I can find, breaking it down to provoke community discussion! This week features some images of the rare and deadly Wamasu, a giant reptilian swamp dweller from the far reaches of Blackmarsh.

A wild wamasu appears...

It looks like this giant beast has made it’s lair in a watery cave beneath the falls, it emerges to assault a party of three adventurers who have intruded upon it’s home. The Wamasu, in addition to being a formidable physical specimen, has the ability to store a massive electrical charge which it can unleash to electrocute it’s prey. Needless to say, this electrical discharge is likely an even more deadly weapon within the watery environment of Blackmarsh. The first screenshot clearly depicts two of the three heroes; one a heavy armor wielding warrior with a two handed falchion, the other is a lightly armored mage wielding a fire-based destruction staff. The third member of the party has gotten close to the beast and is in the middle of attacking it’s exposed flank.

I think one of the most interesting points about this first screenshot is how the Wamasu kicks up a spray of watery particle effects as it charges through the pool. In a screenshot, it looks pretty good, but in real-time video, it looks amazing! I got caught up in work yesterday, so this weeks screenshot didn’t arrive yesterday as scheduled. To make it up for you guys, here’s another shot of the Wamasu free of charge (hehe, get it?).

Wamasu battle

This screenshot gives us a much clearer picture of the beast itself. Covered in purplish scales, the Wamasu resembles a huge spinded komodo dragon. I would expect such a beast to be formidable for heroes that have not acquired a substantial degree of experience and skills. Given what we typically expect from MMO zone progression, I would forecast that many areas of Blackmarsh will be reserved for the higher level (35+) progression in the Ebonheart Pact storyline.

An interesting feature of the second screenshot is the player on the left is in the middle of casting a spell. There have been many fans and community members who express confusion over spellcasting and weapon usage. Spells in ESO do not require a “free hand” to use, rather they are cast in lieu of a normal weapon attack. Notice how the Dragonknight on the left is hurling a magical projectile at the Wamasu with his left hand, while still using his axe. The system plays in an intuitive way, casting spells off the six slot hotbar, while controlling weapon attacks and manual defenses with the mouse buttons. As a final point for this week, it’s really worth noticing how incredible the fire particle effects look in ESO. Take a close look at the little embers that are flying outwards following the mage’s fireball attack. The coloration and texturing of these fiery particles looks phenomenal!

To take a closer look at the Wamasu, here are the full screenshots in their 1920×1080 glory: screenshot one and screenshot two. I’d like to hear what you think about this fearsome creature, and how you would approach this battle if you had to face it with a small group of friends? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!