Weekly Screenshot – Enter the Atronach

I’m excited to bring you installment #3 of our weekly screenshot dissection. Each week I scour through the available video footage to pick the most interesting single screen capture I can find, breaking it down to provoke community discussion! This week features a Dunmer mage calling forth a massive Storm Atronach to do his bidding. Check out the screenshot and join us below for some more in-depth analysis!

Storm Atronach

So, I thought this particular screenshot was interesting for a couple reasons. First, it illustrates one of the important “ultimate abilities” for socerers in ESO. One of the ability trees for Sorcerers is Daedric Summoning, the capstone ultimate for this tree is the ability to call forth a Storm Atronach to devastate your enemies. As far as pet summons go in all the MMOs I’ve played, I must admit this seems like one of the coolest and most intimidating. I hope the Atronach’s damage output is well balanced, however, because I worry that eventually no summoned creature will be all that threatening to well geared players. How do you envision the Storm Atronach playing out in game, and what abilities would you like to see this daedra wield?

Secondly, this screenshot showcases yet another cool dungeon environment in ESO. This appears to be a frosty tomb of some sort. Note the sarcophagus on the right wall with what looks very similar to a Draugr from Skyrim. Likewise, a throne-esque chair at the back of the room is occupied by another undead denizen. We don’t know where this barrow is found in-game, but it could likely be part of the Ebonheart Pact storyline. Do you think the mage character is a player, or an enemy guarding this tomb? My money is that it’s an enemy, and by defeating him, the player can help himself to the contents of the chest on the central platform.

As a final note, it’s pretty obvious in this capture the similarity in art style and graphical assets between ESO and Skyrim. The columns, sarcophagi, torch sconces, and urns towards the back of the room all are immediately reminiscent of Skyrim’s many barrows. What do you think? Anything you particularly exciting for you about this screenshot? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let’s get the discussion rolling in the comments below!