Weekly Screenshot Dissection – Orcish Sentries

I’m excited to bring you installment #2 of our weekly screenshot dissection. Each week I scour through the available video footage to pick the most interesting single screen capture I can find, breaking it down to provoke community discussion! This week highlights a mysterious cavern which showcases some impressive lighting, as well as a strange collection of different occupants.


Orcish Sentries Overlook a Mysterious Cavern

OK, let’s break down this screenshot a bit and pick out a few of it’s most interesting features! At first glance the image showcases a verdant cave with four Orsimer, three shaman and one warrior, guarding a natural bridge over the chasm below. Unbeknownst to the orcs, a player approches (dressed like the Dovahkiin) sneaking up on the sentries. The ambient lighting here is very beautiful, in the frames just before this capture, you can see a beam of light originating from a crack in the cavern wall above. The combination of this natural lighting with the torches placed along the path give a really atmospheric blend of shadow and light, which it appears that the player can exploit towards stealthy advantage. Too bad you can’t push enemies off ledges causing them to fall to their deaths, that was one thing that SWtOR got right!

There’s more going on in this scene that is apparent at first glance, however. Direct your attention to the cavern below the rock bridge. Notice the shadow cast upon the rock wall at the bottom left corner. By watching this video clip at normal speed, you can see that it is a humanoid creature swinging a mining pick, but his fingers seem awkwardly long and sharp. Perhaps it could be Falmer or Goblins extracting ore from the depths of this dungeon. Also in the bottom of the cave reside the bones of some enormous ancient creature. Standing within it’s ribcage is a humanoid spellcaster, involved in some sort of arcane ritual. The blue-ish glow of light is the release of magical energy.

I leave it to you, Foundry readers, to suggest the story behind the screenshot. For a closer look, here’s the full-size version. What could be the nature of this cave? Why do the Orcs survey it’s depths, do they seek to aid the player or prevent his progress? What sort of ritual takes place within the cavern’s depths, and most importantly, is this a dungeon that you would be excited to explore in ESO? Let us know in the comments below!