Journey to Coldharbour

Today, the ZeniMax Online dev team shared with us some great new gameplay footage and backstory behind Coldharbour, the Daedric plane and domain of Molag Bal. Coldharbour plays an important role in ESO, both for the new player experience, and as an endgame locale. In keeping with the familiar prisoner trope of the TES series, new players start out as captives of Molag Bal, who must fight to escape their chains and return to Mundus. Persumably, later in the game, players may be able to return to Coldharbour, taking the fight to Molag Bal and his Daedric forces. Check out the video for the awesome and intimidating scenery of several Coldharbour locations as well as our first glimpse of a Dark Anchor!

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    Altmer Nightblade

    I see an epic end game raid forming…

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    I’d love a shot at taking out Molag Bal.

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    It looks really good, I love the grim mood.

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    Imperial Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    Agree with the above, it seems like a pretty classic opportunity for the familiar trope:

    Hero gets butt kicked, narrowly escapes bad guy’s dangerous realm, trains hard for many seasons (with a montage), returns to kick bad-guy’s ass in the end.

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    cant wait to play this game

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Mostly Harmless

    Great video!  I would have liked to see a little more combat in the footage, but I’m happy that Zenimax is putting out more  footage for everyone to enjoy.  PVE End Game raid??  I damn well hope so ;-)

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