Weekly Screenshot Dissection – Valenwood?

In a new weekly feature at Tamriel Foundry, I’ll be delving through the scarce and less-seen footage that has been released by ZeniMax to showcase a single screen capture each week that depicts a new or little discussed feature of ESO. For this first week, I’ve dissected a lot of the pre-PAX media releases and grabbed a golden screen capture of….Valenwood? This forested home of the Bosmer is known for dense thickets that often prove deadly to all but the Mer who dwell within. Feast your eyes on this twisting thicket, in what might be our first glimpse of an environment from the Aldmeri Dominion province.

Our First Glimpse Of Valenwood?

Our First Glimpse Of Valenwood?

A few features of this zone are immediately apparent. The haunted forest aesthetic gives this zone a spooky vibe which exudes peril and intrigue. A platform on the central tree provides an advantageous vantage point for an archer who waits poised to strike down any intruder. Lastly, this screenshot showcases some of the incredible variety of foliage and environmental diversity which has been packed into this game.

For a closer look at this week’s screenshot, check out the full size version. So…what do you think, is this our first glimpse of Valenwood, or can you spot any evidence that this locale is not the Bosmer homeland? Are you excited by the prospects of exploring this province? What is your favorite aspect of this week’s screen capture? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check back next Wednesday for a new ESO screenshot to discuss.

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    Looks pretty cool, too bad it is possibly Aldmeri Dominion.  I am excited to explore this area though even if I have to wait until level 50.

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    Oh I like it!  I do like forestry, but yeah it does look kind of dark and creepy and I love it.

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    There is also an NPC in this picture.  Let’s play where’s Waldo!  Though it’s not that hard.

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    I see two things that make me question whether this is Valenwood. 1. There appears to be cobblestones or the remnants of cobblestones on that path. Valenwood is known its lack of roads and reliance on footpaths to connect settlements. 2. The platform the NPC is standing appears to be made of wood. The Bosmer are sworn not to harm the forrest, and while this wood may have been imported, wouldn’t a Bosmer simply stand upon boughs of a tree rather than drag lumber deep into woods and attach to a tree? Perhaps this is Blackmarsh?

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    Nord Nightblade

    The npc looks like he has horns so it could be an argonian.

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