Heimskr Crosses The Rubicon

As many of you know, I am the writer of Heimskr’s High Horse – a weekly opinion news round-up – and host of a weekly podcast focused on theorycrafting, The Rubicon, which started over a month ago with @Fizzle. Deductive reasoning and Top Men have concluded that we are slightly more than excited for this game.

This brings us to the purpose of this article. Starting this week, The Rubicon will be shifting its content to my Heimskr’s High Horse in a co-joined publication. Heimskr’s will be divided into two sections:

  • The normal Heimskr’s High Horse news and diatribe (I don’t bite — hard)
  • An editorial piece concerning theorycrafting and rhetoric on meta-topics

HeimskrThe second section in Heimskr’s High Horse will be @Fizzle’s stomping ground for theorycrafting, min/maxing, and discussing – in general – advanced topics that are otherwise ignored in the community as a whole. What this does, in effect, is take one of the top news pieces in The Elder Scrolls Online community and include an in-depth editorial written by one of the few gamers I respect who has over 10 years’ experience in MMO’s and RPG’s. This will make for a much longer Heimskr’s High Horse, however we hope to create a one-stop-shop for our community every Sunday that can bring you the news and the rhetoric.

That being said, as of this week, The Rubicon will no longer be an active podcast. The idea to merge our thoughts into one editorial came due to limited time constraints at work. Both Fizzle and I find it difficult, due to our corporate jobs, to allot time to produce a high quality podcast. After careful reflection, we also felt that there are more benefits to expressing ourselves through word than through voice including:

  • Succinct and to the point
  • Higher quality of content
  • Internal metrics show players prefer written news in our community than verbal news.
  • With our website now over 7,000 members, we feel this will be easier on the new members.

I am extremely excited to begin the next chapter of Heimskr’s High Horse and I welcome you all to join us on our journey to level 0. Oh my Talos, this article was far too serious to write. This Sunday I will be extra snarky and ironic to make up for dishonoring my family.