Heimskr’s High Horse Special – Nekrogoblikon

This is a special edition of Heimskr’s High Horse where, due to no news worthy information, we discuss something completely random and obscure. You can also find the traditional Cogwheels of Tamriel Foundry below which includes the second episode of After Dark and a continuation of the After Hours club.


For the first ever special edition of Heimskr’s High Horse, we will absorb the musical genius of the band Nekrogoblikon. Some people refer to them as symphonic folk metal, but it’s far easier to call this genre goblin metal. Goblin metal is a sub-genre, in my opinion, of glory metal which is defined as:

A synonym for the sub-genre of heavy metal rock known as power metal. Near distortionless, extremely melodic rifts, and fast beat make a glory metal song. However, true glory metal is often referring to Tolkienesque settings, involving Dragons, Elves, heroes, etc. Also known as, troll metal, epic metal, and fantasy metal. Most people that listen to Glory Metal consider it more of a guilty pleasure then a favored genre.

Basically, goblin metal is glory metal – with goblins. At this point, assuming you’re still reading, I’m sure you’re asking “Byronyk, what the hell is wrong with you? You know it’s 4/21 right? This music is shit because JB and Taylor Swift are my favs #yolo#swag.” If you are one of these people, I’m sure you are like Brad in the No One Survives music video. Don’t be Brad. As a side note, the girl in the video is Kayden Kross, an actual porn star. You’re welcome.

Kayden Kross

Now to the actual dissection of the song, No One Survives by Nekrogoblikon. There are a few deep seeded themes in this piece; however the primary focus is regarding psychosocial interactions within the work place (as defined by psychologist Erik Erikson). The story follows a misfit boy (goblin) who works in a cliché office environment who likes a pretty girl. Every time the goblin attempts to become more then friends with this girl, Brad steps in and ruins everything. This story is not exactly original, but displays a dichotomy between two personality types vying for the affection of a girl.

I believe the introduction and ending of this song is attempting to have the listener understand the human condition. The writers of this song not only use reductive logic to presume violent human nature, but more interestingly is their presumption of inherent love transcending environment (fantasy adventure land vs. office). Being one who doesn’t believe in universal truths or divine command theory, I fully support this position.


If I was a better writer, I’d write for the Onion.

The Cogwheels of Tamriel Foundry – After Hours

After Dark: Ep. 2 – Chicks man!

Blade, Felord, and Felyx are back in their second episode of After Dark, an Elder Scrolls Online podcast. This week, I found out the official Tamriel Foundry Teamspeak has spies in it. The hosts of After Dark believe the spy is from Zenimax, but I’m pretty sure the only spy would be Thalmor stealing the secrets from the one true god; Talos.

After Hours Club

The After Hours Club is a special section in Heimskr’s High Horse to look over the most popular, the most controversial, and the most insightful community topics of the week. This week we have three threads that are sure to satisfy your curiosity or feed the fires of internet barbarism.

  1. The popular thread of the week goes to @Lorelai and his thread discussing the news that there will no longer be DLC for Skyrim. Personally, I’m fine with this. Considering the volume of content in Skyrim and their current DLC’s, I would rather have Bethesda work on a new title then work on a game that can easily draw 1000+ hours out of your life.
  2. This week’s insightful post of the week goes to @Gaen and his post on the topic of optimal tank choices – Dragonknights or Templars. I think this is far too early to have this kind of discussion even after playing both classes myself. I would say that class labels in ESO are easily ignored due to weapon and armor perk homogenization. The only true differences are your class abilities and even then they can be ( in my opinion) flavor choices rather than min/maxing choices.
  3. The infamous controversial post of the week goes hands down to @Eventide and the Leaked Gameplay Footage – NO NDA VIOLATIONS thread. I classify most of the people in this thread as two kinds of people – 1) Doomsayers and obnoxious skeptics 2) Rabid fan boys defending a leaked video based on “how they feel”. I would recommend going to read this thread if for no other reason than the lols.


I hope you enjoyed Heimskr’s High Horse. Next week already has some great information waiting to be posted, so come back, stay awhile, and listen.