Heimskr’s High Horse – European or African?

Welcome back to Heimskr’s High Horse #11. Before we get started, I wanted to quickly note that Tamriel Foundry now boasts 7,500 members and that number is still rising. For a fan site 8 months~ out from launch, It’s great to see such a dedicated community to the game.

Development – What you need to know!

Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 3

Earlier in this week, we were given another AUA from Zenimax Online. In this AUA, they focus specifically on Cyrodiil and PvP as a whole. Now I don’t exactly know why Zenimax said that this AUA was focused on PvP and/or Cyrodiil when they were talking about quest phasing (unrelated to Cyrodiil), loot items from houses, and even Adventure Zones. Talking about adventure zones, here’s what they had to say after being asked if there will be raids in ESO [/equip WWII helmet]”

The problem here is the definition of the word “raid,” which means different things to different people. When we said we won’t have “raids,” we meant that we won’t have raids in the traditional sense of the word—we’ll have our own way to get large groups together. There will absolutely be large-group PvE activity in the game, but we’re not ready to talk about those systems yet. We have mentioned adventure zones in the past, but we won’t go into details until those systems are finalized.


I have a major problem with the way Zenimax is handling the issue on Adventure Zones. The main one being is communicating the nature and vision of Adventure Zones to the community. To a huge portion of the MMO audience, raiding has been an integral aspect of gaming (and RPG’s as a whole) since EQ. It is no surprise then that the community has felt uneasy when their questions on Adventure Zones are dodged, placated, or generalized to the point of speculative madness.

Beta Invites: Wave 2


Traditional American Breakfast

This week we saw another wave of beta invites go out! For those lucky few that got it, congratulations! For those that didn’t get in, have no fear! At the rate they have been sending out invites, I have no doubt many of you will participate sooner than later.

On a related note, with the ramp up in beta invites, there will indubitably be a ramp up in leaks. If you are caught leaking content under the NDA, one of our friendly moderators will give (you) a healthy dose of American democracy. ‘MURICA! If that German @Rial is online, he will slap you with an iron curtain.

Creating ESO: The Ogrim

We were given another “Creating ESO” this week which featured a creature called the Ogrim which I believe graced us originally in Morrowind. I won’t lie, the first thing I thought of when looking at the video was of the Goblin King from The Hobbit. Sure, it would look closer if it had four chins, but come on! Anyways, go check out the video and watch the Ogrim kick some ass.

Grahtwood Wallpaper

In the last bit of developer news, we were given a new wallpaper featuring the Grahtwood in a Thomas Kinkade-esque backdrop. I have to question though the nature of this image. Look at that stinken’ elf standing on top of that bridge (which seriously needs some landscaping work by the way). My immediate conclusion was he was writing in his diary about how awesome a waterfall hideout would be – you know, the cliché ‘behind the waterfall’ base? Hah! Don’t let his innocent visage fool you! The only plausible conclusion is that this elf is looking down into the water counting the number of bodies he’s put in concrete shoes. His boss needed a body count so he can get a new chicken-scratch tattoo to show off at the mob convention.


Obvious nefarious intentions

The Cogwheels of Tamriel Foundry – After Hours

Finality, Friends, and Finesse

This week, @Fizzle brought to us a major editorial discussing the finesse system in extreme detail. For those of you looking to step up your game and take advantage of a system that allows you to differentiate yourself from other players, go give this article a read. If you want to be bad, take the blue pill and return to your fairy land of Skyrim and Oblivion.

After Hours Club

The After Hours Club is a special section in Heimskr’s High Horse to look over the most popular, the most controversial, and the most insightful community topics of the week. This week we have three threads that are sure to satisfy your curiosity or feed the fires of internet barbarism.

  1. The popular thread of the week goes to @Jarquen and his post on the ESO Economy. What do you want to see in the ESO economy? If you have an opinion, go let others know in this thread!
  2. This week’s insightful post of the week goes to @Thurl-Mons-Tenebram in the second installment of the Mounted Combat thread. I honestly have no doubt mounted combat will NOT be in ESO. It just doesn’t seem feasible without other core systems being in the game, but if you think (or want) mounted combat or believe it’s a good idea/will be in the game, go make your thoughts known
  3. The infamous controversial post of the week goes to an older thread by @CharlesJT. In the cliché “Will [insert new MMO] take the throne away from WoW”, you will find fanboys abound, crying, and angry internet people telling you why you’re wrong.  I believe no game can take WoW’s throne besides Blizzard themselves. (see: Titan)


I hope you enjoyed Heimskr’s High Horse. Next week already has some great information waiting to be posted, so come back, stay awhile, and listen.