Heimskr’s High Horse – We Have Lift Off

The week or two after any major news drop is always bitter – you expect more but you never get it. However, we were proved wrong with a whole mess of information from the official Combat AUA #2, the Tamriel Foundry AUA, and of course beta launch! Join me this week as Heimskr’s High Horse gets back to preaching the good word of Talos (Yeah, I know its Easter Sunday, want to fight about it?)

Development – What you need to know!

Ask Us Anything: Combat #2

Zenimax Online released their official Ask Us Anything: Combat #2 this week which touched on some really big topics such as arrow consumption, the role of healers, and the dichotomy between damage and utility abilities. The most interesting question, according the community, was that you will have unlimited arrows. Zenimax Online stated that as of now, there is no ammo. You will have unlimited projectiles.

Daggerfall Cinematic

The forums have been pretty upset about this because, well, if anything breaks immersion for this community, you may as well bend over and prepare your butt hole. Look, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t rather have an in-depth and intuitive arrow crafting system, however this is one of those things that I’ve experienced in the past and would rather do without. Imagine your dungeon group is near the final Deadra boss of ultimate badassery and you group just pulled the boss. Your archer friend shouts in party chat far too late, “Guis! I have to Wayshrine back to town; I’m out of arrows LOL #swag.” Now this example can apply to just about everything including group questing, Cyrodiil PvP, and so on.

Ignoring my personal feelings on the matter, Zenimax Online specifically said in response to the question “As of now.” While I don’t believe they would add that feature into the game this far into development, we’ve already been proven wrong before (see: First person combat).

Beta has Launched

The Docks at Dro'dara PlantationLadies and gentlemen, it is official – beta has started! Early last week, we were alerted via Zenimax Onlines social media pages as well as their official website that invites were emailed to the lucky few who were selected. While not much else can be said on this topic because of a strict NDA, we were given some information — thanks to the moderators over at the official Bethesda forums – that people in beta can say they are in beta but that is all. Zenimax Online themselves said they would prefer people to not say they are in beta, but if they do, they wouldn’t be banned for it. That being said, I can neither confirm nor deny my role in the beta (For you conspiracy nuts out there).

PAX East 2013 Official Recap

This week, the folks over at Zenimax Online put together a giant post of all the news and gaming sites editorials and article contributions. Included in that list are 5 articles from your very own Tamriel Foundry such as our PAX recaps, our popular AUA thread, and my very own ‘Konkle in a Box’ play through impression. This post really has an astronomical f—k ton of information which is great to sate the appetite of you information gluttons.

Conflict in Cyrodiil, Part 1

On Friday, we were given a great piece by Zenimax titled Conflict in Cyrodiil, Part 1. This article is one of the first major PvP centered information release we’ve been given in a very long time. The article goes through some of the basics of Cyrodiil including exploration, crafting, PvP enabled dungeons, campaigns, and of course rewards. Here is a short list of information that is either new or been slightly changed since we last heard about it:

  • Daily quests (are in)
  • Certain crafting materials can only be found in Cyrodiil
  • Campaigns can last for months
  • You can “visit” friends in other campaigns or move to a different campaign permanently for a currency cost
  • PvP gives you armor, weapons, and other rewards that can be used anywhere in Tamriel.
  • Participating in PvP gives you perks that can only be used in Cyrodiil

I may be a more PvE centric player, but I’m really excited for Cyrodiil campaigns. It seems that there is much more to Cyrodiil then simply sword to shield. Hopefully in part 2 we’ll get more information that we can dissect!

Battle Scene

Community Round up – It’s alive!


I will not be listing individual podcasts this week because the official Zenimax Online PAX 2013 recap includes all the content that came out regarding PAX. I would highly recommend going to listen to the Elder Scrolls Off the Record, Troll Scroll, and ESO Cast productions this week – they were all great for round table discussions on the information released from PAX 2013.

Shout Out

Morrowind ordinatorAt PAX, I was able to meet so many great people not only from Zenimax Online, but also from the community. I wanted to give a quick shout out to those that I met including folks from Elder Scrolls Off The Record, the Imperial Library, and the leader of Guild Umbra. After meeting these gentlemen, I was given more reasons to believe that the Elder Scrolls Online community is one of the best pre-launch MMO communities I’ve had the privilege of being a part of in years. Not often do you come across people who sincerely care about making the place they live in better. I hope that I can say, years from now, that I left the Elder Scrolls Online community a better place than when I joined.

The Cogwheels of Tamriel Foundry – After Hours

Ask Us Anything – ESO @ PAX

Early this week, Atropos sent me a message over Skype and was like “Hey Byron, I need you to help me answer questions in this AUA. You got time?” Now I was at work, but I said sure, why not? 350+ replies and 36 pages later, I regretted my selfless decision to help Atropos when I found a mountain of work still waiting for me to finish.

Anyways, if you haven’t had time, please go read the TF AUA where Atropos, Fizzle, and I took part in earlier this week. It is honestly a great place to read our own candid answers to the hundreds of questions the community had. It’s a long read, but perhaps one of the questions you had might have been answered!

After Hours Club

The After Hours Club is a special section in Heimskr’s High Horse to look over the most popular, the most controversial, and the most insightful community topics of the week. This week we have three threads that are sure to satisfy your curiosity or feed the fires of internet barbarism.

  1. The popular thread of the week goes unanimously to @Azarhal and his PAX East Content Compilation thread. Even if the majority of his links can be found in the official ESO recap, @Azarhal deserves recognition for collecting all the information that was coming out of PAX in one place. Thank you very much, sir!
  2. This week’s insightful post of the week goes to @Xmarksthegank and his post titled Sneak and its impact on PVE/Bosses. This is a really good theorycrafting thread on the topic of how stealth and critical damage will work in ESO. Go check it out!
  3. The infamous controversial post of the week goes to @Sparhawk and his thread on Animation Priority. Animation priority, for those that don’t know, is where the game forces you to finish an attack before moving onto a next one without the ability to cancel said attack. Sparhawk gave some pretty good insight onto this topic, so go give it a read.


I hope you enjoyed Heimskr’s High Horse. Next week already has some great information waiting to be posted, so come back, stay awhile, and listen.