ESO Beta Testing Begins

Today, ZeniMax emailed out the first round of closed beta test invitations to a “small” group of testers (official website). The first few tests will not be extremely long, and will “generally be held on weekends” (TESO twitter). This marks an exciting and pivotal milestone for the Elder Scrolls Online development process. I’d like to offer a big congratulations to the entire ZOS team, as well as to the lucky individuals within the community who will be providing them with valuable feedback.

Siege Battle


As a friendly reminder to any of you who may have been selected, please refrain from sharing or posting any materials which are in violation of the non-disclosure agreement. Anything shared on Tamriel Foundry which violates the NDA will be removed and reported to ZeniMax. Have fun playing the game, but be sure to give honest, constructive, and well written feedback. We are relying on all of you to help polish and refine Elder Scrolls Online into a stellar MMO.