World Flythrough and Screenshots from E3

Some of the best in-game footage of Elder Scrolls Online that has been released thus far is found in Machinima’s Live Show coverage of E3 day 3. Despite showing the most actual footage of the ESO world flythrough that was presented at E3, this video actually has been much less viewed than many others; partly because the TESO segment is buried in the middle of 7 and a half hours of coverage. By extracting the video portions and removing the uninsightful Q&A audio, we reproduced the actual game footage for your enjoyment.

Screen captures of the locations and races featured in this video are found after the jump! Let us know what you think about the locations and characters this video highlights in the comments below.

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    Thanks very much. Blade did most of the hard work, so he deserves the bulk of the credit. I can’t wait to see some high quality gameplay footage released from Zenimax directly, but until then we have to feed on the best scraps of in-game content that we can get our hands on.

    We both found it rather surprising that the Machinima E3 stream had so few views considering that it showed the most actual game footage of any of the coverage networks.

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    I saw the Dunmer shot and my first thought was “Oh man, that Dokkalfar looks sweet.”

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    Lol, they do look a bit similar don’t they. :P

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    Redguard Dragonknight

    I love the video! It was nice to see a few seconds of the Mages Guild at 5:40.

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    I’m glad you enjoyed the video! I can’t wait for more video of ESO.

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    I’m in the same boat as you. Every time a new TES game would come out, I would take a break from whatever MMO I was playing to enjoy the new game. I love what I’ve seen so far from ESO, and can’t wait to see more information in the coming months. If you like the graphics already, keep an eye out. The video is in pretty bad quality, and we still don’t know how old this footage is. The game can still be polished quite a bit between now, and next year.

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    The same here, actually. I have played a few MMOGs myself as well, and usually when there have been more boring periods of time, I’ve focused on TES games. But as you said, I’ve faced the same problem – lack of socializing.

    A co-op TES game wouldn’t work in my case, as I don’t actually know people in my hometown – the few friends I had have grown to different things; they have their mopeds, bands, studies, girlfriends and hanging out to focus on, with little regard for the world of computers. And the few people I’ve learned to know in the Internet are barely interested in co-op games. Traditional MMOG progression is more to their liking – except some of those I learned to know when roleplaying.

    I’d say TESO will be a way for one such as me to “escape the world”, much like WoW was; being labeled mentally disabled by a lot of people does not make life in a city any easier. (Let’s just say that kind of infamy roots back into my childhood and… certain people.)


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    is it bad that i got a semi from the background music?


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    This game is going to be something that I play a lot of people don’t realize that it helps you escape reality.

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    I suppose this article is a little old, but this video is pretty dang awesome! I can’t stop watching it. I suppose I’ve noted a few things too, and because I’m bored, I’ll share them with you:

    It’s great how they seem to have lovingly re-created the Ayleid ruins from Cyrodiil! Lets just hope with less traps this time.

    It’s great to see Almalexia’s temple and the Ordinators again!  Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of that House Indoril armour once more…… Red Mountain seems to be gushing out a lot of lava, that’s not good. I wonder how Vvardenfell has been affected by this, probably given more ash to trek through.

    Some of the footage showed Mythic Dawn banners in a sort of cave-type area…… whats going on there? Perhaps they worked to bring Molag Bal in first? Maybe they’re just lying low till the next line of emperors let the Dragonfires grow cold? Who knows? I hope it’s explained, and well explained at that.

    Argonia looks interesting, and that’s not just being said because I’m an Argonian. I like the Aztec (or Mayan, or Incan… whatever it is) Look of the ruins there…. and how they seem to be almost getting engulfed by the swamps.

    It’s interesting how they seem to have shown a snatch from every province but those under the Aldmeri Dominion…. I wonder what they look like.

    The cities in this look pretty dang huge as well, at least, compared to the cities from Oblivion and Skyrim.

    The lightning and storm effects look, well, amazing!

    Aaand that’s about it. Cheers for the footage guys! It’s helping on the long wait to ESO. :D


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    Thank you so much for compiling this together. Fantastic job.

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    Yea np! Glad you liked it.

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    Shrek-like Orc for the lose :(

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    Very nice, Blade!  Really great compilation.


    I like the overall look and I’m impressed they were able to do as much with the graphics given the fact it’s an MMO.

    However… coming from Skyrim, using super high res texture mods and ENBs has really spoiled me for cartoony MMOs.  It took some real getting used to when I went back to Rift. ;)

    I have a feeling this will probably look much better in game though.  Can’t wait! :)

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    The only issue I have with life like graphics is the video lag a lot of systems will have, I mean look at Age of Conan, life like graphics and you needed a decent system just to play it properly, and when you are in a keep battle you have to turn the graphics down. Unless you have a real good gaming machine you will have video lag when doing RvR, I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

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    Yup. That looks stupid.

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    Brillant Video 10/10!

    I adore the landscape, even though it is a bit cartoonish. IMO its not 100% what a TES game should look like, I feel it needs a more rugged approach, afterall it is a land at war. But I cant wait to dip my toes in it :D

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    Yeah, too bad they kind of botched the orc design. Awfully exaggerated muscle structure. You have to admire the Dunmer and the Argonian, though. Looks like they finally got the two-legged lizard-fish to look right.

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    Ah, the return of Ayleid ruins. What’s more dangerous I wonder, Draugr or Undead Akaviri? To be honest, I can’t look at the Ayleid ruins without thinking of Necrons.

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    Argonian Nightblade

    If I remember correctly, Zenimax designed the game engine to have great graphics without a hardcore computer. Hope this helps.


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